About Us


At Tupinamba Cafe, you are more than a patron. You are part of a story that began in 1910, when Papa Froylan Dominguez fled Mexico during the height of the Mexican Revolution with a handful of cherished family recipes. He and his wife, Consuelo, began serving those recipes with the opening of the first Tupinamba in 1947, where it is believed that the Nacho and Sour Cream Enchilada were introduced to Dallas.

As the oldest family-owned Mexican Food Restaurant in the city, the Dominguez family proudly serves the same delicious recipes. We invite you to be part of a story that started as a family tradition and has turned into a Dallas legend.

Tupinamba – A people living in the Eastern Lowland area of South America, related to the Tupi of the Rio Sao Francisco and the Guakani of Paraguay and adjacent portions of Brazil & Argentina.